Environmental groups urge British government to double climate spending

The British Chancellor has been urged to double spending on tackling climate collapse.

A spending review is due to take place this week with Sajid Javid being called upon to put more money towards environmental policies.

Groups including Greenpeace, Amnesty International, Friends of the Earth and the WWF are some of the groups who have signed the a letter to the chancellor.

It said:

“The Committee on Climate Change is unambiguous in calling for urgent policy action across every sector of the economy, supported by significant public spending in the short term. Any delay would end up costing the country more.
“The Spending Review and Budget provide the first moments for climate action under your leadership.
“They are an opportunity to unveil an ambitious programme of public investment to boost clean infrastructure, tackle social inequality, create new jobs, improve health, enhance British wildlife and nature and support global efforts to mitigate and adapt to the global climate emergency.
“Drawing upon the best available information on what is required and how much it costs, we have estimated that public spending on climate and the environment needs to be doubled, equating to at least £42 billion per year over the next three years, of which £25 billion per year is new funding.
“This equates to around 5 percent of government spending, or around 2 percent of GDP.”

The environmental groups say funding would be needed to go towards retrofitting buildings to provide warm, secure zero carbon homes to millions of UK families, future proofing transport infrastructure for electric vehicles and to enhance clean, public transport and active travel, to protect and restore nature, reversing species declines and creating new habitats for wildlife and climate benefits.

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