Eric C Lindstrom Named Executive Director of FARM

Eric C Lindstrom has been confirmed as the new Executive Director of Farm Animal Rights Movement (FARM).

Lindstrom previously served as Program Director at FARM before working as the Director of Marketing for Animal Outlook in Washington DC.

He is perhaps best known for his two books, "The Skeptical Vegan" and "The Smart Parent's Guide to Raising Vegan Kids"

Lindstrom re-joins the nonprofit organization, based in Maryland.

He said:

“Passion and intentionality around purpose and mission are fundamental to success as an animal rights practitioner. I approach my professional work through the critical lens of ethical veganism,”
“The core of my work ethos is abolitionism. This goal is being realized through my direction on various program, management, leadership, and policy initiatives. As Executive Director, I will be able to utilize FARM’s programmatic and outreach potential to widely promote a vegan message, and empower a movement guided by my own belief system: Animals are not food.”

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