EU Parliament to vote on use of terms "vegan sausages" or "veggie burgers"

The European Parliament is set to vote on whether to ban or accept terms such as "veggie burger" or "vegan sausage".

The vote on will take place between 19 and 22 October with a new campaign from a European livestock group calling on the Parliament to reject efforts to allow terms for plant-based meat.

Copa and Cogeca released a statement calling for MEPs to reject proposals to legally recognize them.

The campaign, called ceci n’est pas un steak (This is Not Steak) features imagery of plant-based meat alternatives with the ingredients listed, the group says plans to allow these terms would promote "unfair and misleading marketing".

Jean-Pierre Fleury, chairman of the Copa and Cogeca working party on beef and veal, said:

The European livestock sector is not trying to fight this development, we simply call for the work of millions of European farmers and livestock sector workers to be acknowledged and respected. I am not afraid to say that this is an obvious case of cultural hijacking.
Certain marketing agencies are using this to deliberately confuse consumers by promoting the view that substituting one product for another has no impact on the nutritional intake.
This path is paved with good intentions, but it will open the door for other confusing denominations to emerge in the long term

Non-profit group ProVeg has launched a petition urging the European Union not to ban terms such as "Veggie Burger".

A petition launched by the organization has over 150,000 signatures at time of writing.

The ProVeg website says about the campaign:

Consumers buy plant-based products precisely because they know these products offer similar taste experiences and functionalities to their animal-based counterparts.
The proposed restrictions would be in direct contradiction to the EU’s stated objectives in the European Green Deal and the Farm to Fork Strategy of creating more sustainable and healthier food systems.
The Farm to Fork Strategy explicitly states the need to empower consumers “to choose sustainable food” and to make “it easier to choose healthy and sustainable diets”.

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