European group launches campaign to promote livestock sector with the help of MEPs

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A pressure group has launched a campaign to promote livestock farming across Europe.

A small number of MEPs have spoken out in favour of the European Livestock Voice which will apparently tackle “myths and radical views” about livestock farming.

The campaign is being run by the European Feed Manufacturers' Federation.

As part of the push, over a dozen livestock organisations have come together to take joint action to elevate “the other side of the story.”

That includes an online portal of news and statistics.

Two newly appointed MEPs, who are also livestock farmers, led the launch debate in the European Parliament.

Alexander Bernhuber said:

“[This] debate about livestock farming is often held on a lack of knowledge within the society.
“The gap between consumers and producers is getting bigger and bigger. European farmers produce at worldwide highest animal welfare standards.
“Nowadays the challenge is to communicate the essential work of our farmers via several channels to the consumer.”

The other MEP, Jérémy Decerle added:

“As a breeder of Charolais cows, but also as a Member of the European Parliament (COM AGRI), I can only welcome the launch of such a European platform, specifically dedicated to livestock farming.
“It could help to dispel some preconceived ideas about this profession and bring a little pragmatism into the debates.”

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