Ex-farmer says Mickey Mouse started animal rights, calls mink "mindless animals"

Photo: Peta

An ex-farmer has made some bizarre comments during a radio debate on the banning of fur farms in Ireland.

Redmond O'Hanlon joked that Walt Disney had started animal rights when he created Mickey Mouse and also called mink "mindless animals."

He was debating Ruth Coppinger on RTE Morning Ireland who has put forward a bill to ban fur farming in the country.

O'Hanlon said:

"It all began when Walt Disney gave Mickey Mouse a personality - that’s when animal rights began.
"Mink have been domesticated for over 100 years and while they’re wild in their nature, they’re not in their environment.
"Mink were reared like our children, only if they’re looked after will they produce the quality fur we’re looking for.
"A mink is not like a dog. A dog has a reasonable amount of intelligence; a mink is a mindless animal."

TD Coppinger made the point that keeping mink in metal cages is not natural.

She said:

"All of the evidence shows that mink are wild animals.
"They’re meant to be solitary. So putting them into groups in metal cages is completely unnatural.
"Then at six months, the mink are gassed, which is extremely cruel, and their skins are pulled off."

The bill is set to come forward at the start of July.

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