Farmer launches “British Meatruary” campaign in response to Veganuary success

A farmer is launching a “Meatruary” campaign this year to try and counter the success of Veganuary.

Ruth Russell says the campaign will promote British meat throughout February.

She farms in partnership with her father John Harrison at Duggleby High Barn.

Russell told The Gazette and Herald:

“My goal with ‘British Meatruary’ is to make the public aware of the high welfare we have here, to perhaps make them think twice about buying imported meat that has greater food miles.
“British meat is one of the most sustainable in the world - our livestock emissions are 2.5 times smaller than the world average.
“Unfortunately there have been many inaccurate reports in the media, for example, did you know our homes produce more emissions than agriculture and the emissions from livestock are only 4.5 per cent.”
“I’m not trying to convert vegans. I just want to raise awareness and correct false information, and I hope to encourage meat eaters to support sustainable farming by buying British meat.
“In fact why stop there let’s support all British producers.”

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