Channel 4 reporter Morland Sanders says he is trying Veganuary after making a documentary about veganism.

Sanders, who is the son of a farmer, made the Dispatches film "The Truth About Vegans" which is out later this week.

He says VegFest in London played a huge part in his decision to try out veganism.

Writing in The Telegraph he said: "For the last two months, Dispatches has been investigating veganism, the diet on everyone’s lips.

"My first stop was Vegfest in London – an exhibition hall rammed with some of the products that contribute to a plant-based food market worth £434m in the UK.

"I couldn’t move for lentils and love: stunningly tasty food that’s proudly cruelty-free, and warm people wanting to show me the increasingly trodden path to a lifestyle followers believe will save our health, the planet and, of course, all animals."

Sanders criticised the 'intense protesting' of some activists and says the focus should be on pushing inclusivity.

He continued: "For me, this intensity of protest is counter-productive. I don’t, for one moment, doubt that activists are upset by conditions on farms – but they need to protest against the industry or society as a whole, rather than going after individual, law-abiding farmers.

"Trespassing and stealing animals will never be the most convincing argument for a lifestyle that claims to be founded on love and compassion, after all.

"The most compelling proponents for a vegan diet were those warm, inclusive, passionate people I met at Vegfest – and they’re why I will be signing up to Veganuary. Sorry, Dad."

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