Farmer says 'life is too short' to argue about veganism

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A farmer has asked vegans to leave meat-eaters alone and says life is too short to argue about veganism.

Gareth Wyn Jones is an author and has also appeared on the BBC.

He took a live video where he also suggested vegans don't buy local produce.

Jones said:

“It’s a freedom of choice. You guys have decided it’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle where you think that by no eating animals or using animal products, you’re going to save the world and you are a better person, well that’s your choice, I don’t see it myself.
“I think what we do up here [on his farm] is very sustainable, feeds my family and we’ve been doing it for hundreds of years.
“I’ve asked a few vegans what percentage of food do they grow themselves and the majority was zero. I’ve asked a lot of them what food they buy locally and the percentage of food they buy that is British and a lot of them answers are very, very low or they haven’t got a clue.
“Before you start pointing the finger at British agriculture, I think you have to remember that we grow the veg as well. We should all be looking at how to grow local, seasonal and as well buy local and seasonal. Don’t forget these [sheep] are a very, very big part of agriculture and without the livestock, without the sheep, without the cattle, we would not be able to farm the way we do.”

Over 7,000 people have now watched the Twitter video in which Jones says that the "idea of the whole world going vegan is never going to happen".

He continued:

“Please respect other people’s choices and enjoy life. Life is too short to be arguing about these kinds of things.
“If you have decided to go vegan, good on you, that’s your choice, but let the meat eaters and the people don’t want to carry on their lives as they do.”

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