Farming charity criticised for using land to host ‘training ground for vegan extremists’

Photo: Vegan Camp Out

A farming charity has been slammed for hosting a vegan “training ground for extremists”.

The Vegan Camp Out is being held at Newark Showground which is run by The Newark and Nottinghamshire Agricultural Society.

It is a fun event which sees people listening to talks and listening to live music.

But Tim Bonner, Chief Executive of the Countryside Alliance, has criticised the decision to host the festival.

He told The Telegraph:

“It is quite extraordinary that a Society with the charitable object of promoting agriculture should be hosting an event that has at its core an aggressive anti-farming agenda.
“The Society’s showground, which was created to promote farming in Nottinghamshire, is now being used as a training ground for extremists who campaign against livestock farming and the rural way of life.
“It is difficult to understand why the Society is determined to carry on hosting this event when presented with unarguable evidence that it involves the spreading of an aggressive anti-farming agenda.”

A spokesperson for the Society said that they, “deplore invective or criminal acts made against the farming community, who grow food for all of us whether omnivore, vegetarian or vegan.”

Meanwhile a Vegan Camp Out spokesperson said, the Camp-Out “does not promote, engage in or otherwise encourage violent behaviour or illegal activity.”

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