Film about farmer who turned vegan wins BAFTA

Photo: Lockwood Film/BAFTA

A film about a Derbyshire farmer who gave up his cows and turned vegan has won a British Academy Film (Television) Award (BAFTA).

73 Cows picked up the Best Short Film prize.

Jay Wilde is the star of 73 cows which tells the story of his "terrible conflict" of continuing to run his family farm.

He eventually released the cows and now runs a vegan enterprise.

Mr. Wilde told ITV News, "I hope I can promote more sustainable food production and carbon reduction and just make people's lives better."

The 15-minute film was directed and produced by Alex Lockwood founder of Lockwood Film.

Speaking to BAFTA he said:

"It's all a bit surreal at the moment, we are just a bit in shock.
"Jay and Katja Wilde are farmers from Derbyshire who farmed cattle all their lives, Jay as a vegetarian found it very difficult to send his cows to the [slaughterhouse]. This is a film all about his emotions and his feelings and his decision to give all of his cows to a sanctuary.
It's a massive time for veganism and environmentalism but still to us it's a shock, we thought we would get a bit of a push from that community and we'd get a few thousand views and get into a few festivals, it's just surreal."

Watch the trailer below:

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