Food Safety and Inspection Service rejects petition to have warning labels on processed meat

The Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) has rejected a petition calling on processed meat products to come with warning labels.

The 2016 petition asked for the labels to warn customers that regular consumption of products could increase the risk of colon or rectal cancer.

The petition stated that there is a low awareness among American consumers of the risk, and that the USDA was required to use a warning statement on processed meat and poultry product labels.

But the FSIS has denied the petition.

In a letter they stated:

“After careful consideration, FSIS has decided to deny the petition without prejudice. FSIS considers these products safe to consume and not misbranded for failure to display the warning labels sought in the petition.
“Further, the requested warning label could be misleading in that it would fail to provide information that consumers would need to place the asserted risk in proper context.”

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