George Monbiot: Switching to a plant-based diet "only hope of getting through century"

Updated: Sep 8

Author and environmental activist George Monbiot says we must switch to a plant-based diet to "get through this century."

Speaking in a debate on Channel 4 News, the journalist compared beef to a "loaded gun" as they discussed a new UN-backed report on land use.

Monbiot said:

“The only hope we’ve got of getting through this century is switching to a plant-based diet.
"Beef is like a loaded gun pointed at the living world, an absolutely disastrous product.
“The crucial ecological task is to minimise the area we use to produce our food, beef maximises it."

The debate featured the vice president of the National Farmers Union, Stuart Roberts and Professor Corinne Le Quéré, a member of the UK Committee on Climate Change.

Roberts claimed British farmers were more sustainable, but Monbiot argued that the majority of crop land grows animal feed.

The writer continued:

"If we switch to a plant-based diet, not only could this country easily become self-sufficient and store more carbon than before, but it also makes the difference between failing to meet the targets of the Paris agreement and meeting them.”

The NFU representative replied to Monbiot's request to read a Havard report on climate change by saying he should visit his farm to "have a discussion on his cattle."

A recent study from Future Kind suggests that vegans or people on plant-based diets could be set to jump to 3% of the population by the end of 2020.

The article by Sage Williams, breaks down the figures giving us an overview of the state of veganism over recent years.

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