German court rules killing of baby male chicks remains lawful

A court in Germany has ruled it remains lawful for unwanted male chicks to be killed by the poultry industry.

The Federal Administrative Court made the ruling on Thursday, saying the practice is legal on a temporary basis as an “alternative” method of sex determination is yet to be found.

Mass-culling male chicks is regularly used in animal agriculture.

Germany’s federal minister of food and agriculture Julia Klöckner was against the decision, she said in a statement:

"My position on chick deaths has long been clear: ethically it's not justifiable. The practice has to end as quickly as possible."

The ruling has been condemned by animal rights charities.

Tor Bailey, of Animal Aid, told The Independent:

“This is hugely disappointing, as the technology exists, but once again economics wins out over welfare.
“We have no need to use and abuse animals in food production,”

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