German discount supermarket poultry may contain antibiotic resistant germs

Poultry meat on sale at discount supermarket chains in Germany may contain antibiotic resistant germs according to new research.

Environmental organization Germanwatch carried out the study which found 56% of the 59 samples they looked at had antibiotic-resistant germs.

The study looked at poultry meat from discount supermarkets Lidl, Netto, Real, Aldi and Penny.

Reinhild Benning, agricultural expert at Germanwatch said:

“Our samples show alarmingly high chicken meat resistance rates, suggesting that the federal government has failed to combat antibiotic resistance from factory farming.
“The requirements for the use of reserve antibiotics are much too lax. There are also high-risk gaps in the recording of antibiotic consumption. This opens backdoors for the misuse of antibiotics in industrial animal husbandry in Germany.”

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