Go Vegan World launches Christmas billboard campaign

Go Vegan a World has launched a new campaign to promote veganism this Christmas.

The billboard effort will include themes of Inequality, environmental collapse and speciesism to encourage people to move away from the use of animals.

In a statement on the launch of the campaign they said:

“There is a continual and devastating barrage of news on our television and computer screens telling us about the threat to life on earth because of how we live. The environmental crisis, of which the climate crisis is just one aspect, is not just a simple consequence of how we behave.
“Like all behaviours, it emanates from how we think, specifically how we think about ourselves in relation to the rest of life.
“The human supremacist view that we are the only form of life that matters has resulted in a breakdown in the delicately balanced biosphere that supports our very existence and that of all lifeforms.”

Some of the ads question why Christmas is a season of goodwill for some but not for others.

The Go Vegan World billboards will be in Ireland and the UK from mid-December to mid-January.

They will appear on social media as well as on buses, video screens at bus and train stations, billboards and on the London underground.

Link: https://goveganworld.com/go-vegan-world-launches-massive-christmas-and-new-year-campaign-in-ireland-and-the-uk/?utm_source=vegfestexpress.co.uk&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=vegfestexpress.co.uk&fbclid=IwAR00-Wv0sCcaP0gZCHLsmuV1igbkSVbbHDG9MFMHvHfXgljo3jbOQmGvD_Y

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