Great British Beef Week to ‘highlight environmental benefits of beef’

A campaign to promote the British beef industry claims it will “highlights the health and environmental benefits of beef”.

This week sees the return of Great British Beef Week.

It is organised by a group called Ladies in Beef.

The campaign press release says:

“In its ninth year and at such a significant time for world trade of British beef, Ladies in Beef is calling for farmers, producers and beef lovers to join the celebration and help increase the global love for quality British beef.
“The week’s key themes will celebrate that beef forms part of the most popular dishes loved around the world and at home. It will also help educate consumers about the environmental and nutritional benefits of beef as part of their diet.”

To mark the occassion VGN has launched a petition to ban beef production in England.

You can sign it here: https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/251106

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