Green politician proposes stronger fox and hare hunting ban in Scotland

A Green Member of the Scottish Parliament (MSP) has put forward proposals to tighten Scotland’s fox and hare hunting laws.

Alison Johnstone says the 2002 vote to ban fox hunting hasn’t changed anything.

She has launched a consultation on a bill that would see laws enforced across the country.

Writing in The Scottish Herald the MSP said:

“Before the ‘ban‘ [in 2002] there were 10 hunts operating throughout Scotland. There are still 10 hunts.
“Hundreds of foxes are killed every year by mounted hunts, and many are killed by the dogs. Terriers are even sent underground to chase foxes out of their holes and to kill orphaned pups.
“Seventeen years after it was passed, it’s time to rectify this failure. 
“My proposal would remove the loopholes and result in a watertight ban, ending hunting for good.”

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