The Guardian's Environment Editor says he is 'looking forward' to a plant-based Christmas this year.

Damian Carrington says he is making the decision because of the "overwhelming evidence of global environmental damage caused by meat and dairy production."

Carrington also clarifies he is vegetarian and only "vegan at home."

In his article in The Guardian he says: "I have changed what I eat because of the now overwhelming evidence of global environmental damage caused by meat and dairy production.

"It produces more climate-warming emissions than all cars, trains, ships and planes combined. If the world’s diet doesn’t change, we simply can’t beat climate change.

"The ongoing annihilation of wildlife – an incipient mass extinction – is also driven by the destruction of wild places for farmland, much of which is used for raising and feeding cattle.

"If Britons actually followed their government’s official advice on a healthy diet, they would eat 89% less beef, 63% less lamb, but 86% more beans and 54% more fruit and vegetables.

"Doing so would prevent huge numbers of early deaths from heart disease, stroke, diabetes and cancer and healthier diets do not cost shoppers any more."

It's not ideal (acknowledging the fact it's bad for the environment - but not quite being committed enough to go vegan full time...) but hopefully a step in the right direction.

Read the article here: https://www.theguardian.com/…/looking-forward-vegan-christm…

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