Fat Gay Vegan has announced that Hackney Downs Vegan Market is coming to an end.

The market will run this and next weekend before stopping.

In a post he said: "It is with a mixture of fondness, a little sadness, and a big sense of achievement that I announce the ending of the legendary Hackney Downs Vegan Market.

"Hackney Downs Vegan Market has played such an important part in changing the face of veganism in London, across the UK, and even throughout the world.

"The market has been a special place where we have given a huge stage to businesses owned or co-owned by women, people of colour, disabled people, and LGBTQ+ people. Josh and I have been committed to redressing disadvantage and oppression via the safe space of our market.

"The market helped support the financial stability of our vegan scene. It brought in tens of thousands of pounds to the pockets of independent business owners across its lifespan. We made this possible by charging the lowest pitch fees of any vegan market. We worked hard for little return so our traders could earn a living, not feel exploited.

"We made global headlines with our record breaking attendances and we forced the city to rapidly recognise the power of the vegan shopper. In turn, this was our undoing. Ian from Clarkshaws Brewing called it the ‘winner’s curse’.

"Veganism is absolutely everywhere and people don’t have to travel for at least an hour on the Overground followed by a 10-15 minute walk in the cold in order to get inventive and tasty vegan food anymore."

The last market day will be 23rd December which will be the Christmas market.

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