Harvard University and University of Oxford to feature at VGN Climate Summit

Harvard Law School and Oxford University experts to discuss the link between animal agriculture and climate catastrophe.

Representatives from Harvard Law School and Oxford University will look at the how animal agriculture is impacting the planet at the VGN Climate Summit in London.

Helen Harwatt and Joseph Poore will feature at the event at Olympia London on 27th October. 

Dr. Helen Harwatt is a Farmed Animal Law and Policy Fellow at Harvard University, an international award winning researcher and scientific author specialising in the field of planetary health, with a focus on food systems shifts and climate change mitigation.

She will be joined by Joseph Poore, a researcher at the University of Oxford, UK. His research seeks to increase our understanding of the environmental impacts of agriculture and identify ways to mitigate these impacts.

He told the Guardian last year that avoiding meat and dairy is ‘single biggest way’ to reduce your impact on Earth.

Earlier on in the day (11-12) Dr. Tushar Mehta will review the fundamental reasons why animal agriculture has a detrimental impact on the climate, and the science that quantifies the impact. 

The VGN Climate Summit will be taking place all day on Sunday 27th October in the main auditorium.

You can come and learn from our experts at VegFestUK in London later this month.

Tickets are available here: https://london.vegfest.co.uk/tickets/

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