Harvard University pledges to reduce food greenhouse gas emissions by 25 percent over next decade

Harvard University has signed up to a pledge to reduce food-related greenhouse gases.

The Cool Food Pledge targets a reduction of 25% by 2030.

Walter Willett is a professor of epidemiology and nutrition and co-chair of Harvard’s Food Standards Committee.

He told The Harvard Gazette in order to achieve this they are looking to move to a more plant-based food offering.

He said:

“Climate change is accelerating, and Americans are the greatest contributors to it because of our diets and lifestyles.
“Among the many changes we need to make, including a rapid shift to green energy, is a change in diet to a more plant-based way of eating. If we do this right, such changes will also lead to improvements in health and many other aspects of our environment. 
“The actions of every individual are important, but because Harvard intends to be a leadership institution and educates people who will be leaders, steps such as the Cool Food Pledge can be particularly impactful.”

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