Arsenal footballer Hector Bellerin says he is very happy to be a vegan and is more than just a vegan for health reasons.

The defender was speaking in a video promoting the Veganuary campaign for 2019.

He said: “Being a professional footballer means your diet has to be absolutely on point. I was already eating meat less and less when I started watching documentaries like ‘What the Health’, I realized then that there were athletes out there that were not just vegetarian but actually vegan.

"So I started researching and found out that a vegan diet wasn’t just suitable for me, it was better for my body. So I switched.

"My family is Spanish and eat meat with almost every meal, but I wanted to try veganism to see if it could help me reach my full potential. And it did, really quickly. My ankles, which used to get inflamed, improved and I found I was recovering quicker between games.

"Health is not the only reason I’m vegan, it was the ground zero, but now there are other reasons that push me to do it – the sustainability of the environment and animal cruelty now motivate me just as much as health, the way I feel physically and mentally and knowing I’m doing the right things, makes me very happy to be a vegan."

Veganuary 2019 launched last week and is asking the British Parliament to try it this time around.

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