Hundreds of animal rights campaigners protest at pig farm

Hundreds of animal rights activists have protested at a pig farm this afternoon.

Meat the Victims UK took to Sandilands Pigs near Lincoln to protest factory farming.

Activist Chris Hine told Lincolnshire Live:

“Currently we are liaising with the police to work out where we go from here.
“The activists inside want a major news organisation such as ITV, BBC to be here before they are willing to leave.
“As for now the activists are staying put, they have agreed that the farmer can go into the sheds to feed the animals.
“From inside it’s very calm, animals don’t look particularly distressed or anything from the activist’s presence.
“At the moment it’s peaceful, there’s no trouble in there we’re just trying to work out a plan.”

Videos and photos from the protest have been posted on social media.

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