Hunting club's "world record" deer kill branded "sickening" and "depraved"

Photo: Pope and Young, photo appended for graphic violence

A hunting club in Saskatchewan has been branded "depraved" after it celebrated one of its members achieving a "world record" deer hunt

The Pope and Young Club posted on their website about how Dennis Bennett hunted the buck which had a score of 293 6/8 surpassing the previous world record taken back in the 1920s.

One member of the club said, "It was a pleasure to be part of the panel recognizing this new world record."

The story has been slammed on social media.

One user said, "How depraved are u guys to celebrate the killing of a beautiful deer?! Yeh well done mate you slaughtered a beautiful defenseless animal."

Another called the story "sickening" while a Twitter account called @Biomystic said, "The deer was a better person than the human who hunted it for no good reason."

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