Hyundai Superbowl ad featuring vegan dinner party criticized

Photo: Hyundai

A Superbowl advert for car maker Hyundai has been criticized by vegans after seemingly mocking a vegan dinner party.

The advert saw an elevator taking people to various hellish scenarios including a dentist and "the talk" with a dad.

One scene sees a vegan dinner party where the host offers vegan beet loaf.

But it has faced some backlash online with Ari Solomon from Mercy for Animals posting on Twitter saying, "Look, I can take a joke. Honestly. But @Hyundai trying to drag vegans for eating gross food? 1993 called and it wants its joke back. Veganism has consistently been a global top food trend the last three years running. Hope your cars are better than your marketing department."

Another user saying, "Carl’s Jr. does an ad for a vegan burger, Hyundai does an ad making fun of vegans. Only one of them is up with the times."

Hyundai has now responded to online criticism by posting recipes for a beet loaf.

They also said:

"We actually love vegan food and are glad it's going more mainstream.
"Nothing wrong with being vegan. That guy just doesn't like beetloaf. We're really lucky to have you in the Hyundai family."

Seems legit.

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