Indistinguishable line-up announced for vegan festival

Updated: Apr 22, 2019

A number of well-known or semi well-known vegan activists or YouTubers or someone that ate setain once have been announced as headliners at a major vegan event.

The organizers of this years Plant-based Partay event, in Los Angeles, confirmed the news on their social media account.

The Partay is in it's 10th year and with people like [INSERT NAME HERE] in attendance, they are expecting a bigger crowd than ever.

Organizers said in a statement:

"We are so pleased that we've been able to book such a well-known line-up that will have a little bit of everything for everyone!
"With tickets priced at just $1000 this year, not including programme, we hope the affordability of the event will bring a bumper crowd to LA."

DISCLAIMER: This article is based on pure nonsense and doesn’t reflect the view of vegans or VGN.

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