International Dairy Foods Association puts pressure on over use of term milk

Photo: FoodAllergy.org

The International Dairy Foods Association (IDFA) has submitted comments to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) this week as they look at the use of terms like milk and dairy.

The dairy industry claims plant-based options shouldn't use the terms on their products.

The IDFA has now sent nearly 250 pages of literature and research to the FDA.

They said:

"IDFA appreciates FDA’s efforts to support consumer choice and innovation in the marketplace, and we support FDA’s actions to ensure that the labeling of plant-based products is truthful and does not mislead or confuse consumers.
"As FDA moves forward, IDFA urges FDA to outline the decision-making process it will undertake regarding appropriate labeling of plant-based alternatives.
"Public input is especially important to ensure any proposed policy changes or recommendations are implemented in a practical, cost-effective way."

The Food and Drug Administration ended a public comment period on Monday

Earlier this week the Institute for Justice submitted it's own comments saying milk doesn't have to be from cows to be called milk.

Justin Pearson, a senior attorney at IJ said:

"If a consumer is confused about the source of a product labeled ‘almond milk,’ then he has bigger problems than being confused about which milk to buy.
"The government does not have the power to change the dictionary. For centuries, consumers and producers have used the term ‘milk’ to mean much more than just milk from cows.
"Consumers are fully aware that almond, soy and cashew milk were not made by cows. The FDA’s proposed rule not only flies in the face of common sense, but it also violates the First Amendment, which protects food producers’ right to call something what it is."

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