Irish politician says Conor McGregor is ‘out of step’ after post about fur coat

Photo: Instagram

UFC fighter Conor McGregor has been branded “out of step” by an Irish politician after posting about his love of mink fur coats.

McGregor took to social media to boast about the fur coats he wears calling himself “The Gucci mink pimp” and saying his coats are “now even more rare and iconic, as Gucci have since discontinued all animal skin clothing from their line.”

TD Ruth Coppinger was one of the main drivers behind Ireland’s recent decision to ban fur farming.

She took exception to the post saying to the Irish Examiner:

"Well I think in the week that we got a commitment from the Government to ban fur farming, it's particularly mind-boggling.
"Mink are wild animals. They are semi-aquatic. Now we see a fine example of how they're being made to suffer.
"McGregor is really out of step here. He's made yet another miscalculation of where public opinion lies."

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