Irish Prime Minister faces backlash for reducing his red meat consumption

Updated: Jan 17, 2019

The Irish Prime Minister has had to defend himself after saying he is eating less red meat to reduce his own carbon footprint.

Leo Varadkar was criticised for not supporting the Irish farming industry.

The Taoiseach faced a backlash in the Irish parliament with one politician saying his comments were "totally inappropriate for a head of Government."

Varadkar argued that he hadn't told anyone else to change their dietary habits and that red meat has a huge image on the environment. He said:

"I was specifically asked what I was doing on climate change and I said that I was trying to eat less red meat – not giving it up. I had a very nice Hereford steak last night.
"It’s not flippant. It is a fact that red meat increases instance of cancer and also contributes more to climate change.
"But I can reassure deputies that I have not become a vegan or anything like that and I’m very happy to eat fish landed in Donegal and poultry and turkeys and pork meat and all of the wonderful products that Irish farmers of all sorts produce."

At this rate, we are simply never going to get proper government intervention on reducing meat and dairy consumption to help save the planet.

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