Jackass star Steve-O says vegans 'can be annoying' in social media rant, may eat fish

Photo: Steve-O/Facebook

Former vegan celebrity Steve-O says vegans "can be annoying" in a post on social media.

The Jackass star admitted eating fish in the post while also defending feeding his cats a meat diet.

He said:

"Fuck, vegans can be annoying. To all the combative, annoying vegans who are choosing to attack me for not forcing veganism on my cats, and for not being a strict, militant vegan myself (even though I haven’t eaten any meat other than fish for well over ten years), please consider that you’re doing more harm than good.
"Maybe stop working so hard to pit people who are on your team against you."

When questioned on Instagram about being a pescetarian, Steve-O replied:

"I ran all of this by the one animal advocate I respect the most, and here is her response. 'I'm proud of you.
"'The recidivism rate for vegans as vegetarians is so incredibly high; in part I believe because of the animal rights community's impossible and ridiculously high standards.'"

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