British MP - and a man with scarily low odds to be come the next Prime Minister - Jacob Rees-Mogg says going to a vegan restaurant would feel like a 'betrayal'.

The Brexiteer was Tweeting about his friend William Sitwell who recently got a new job at The Telegraph newspaper.

Sitwell previously left Waitrose Magazine after making a joke about 'killing vegans.'

In a post yesterday Jacob Rees-Mogg congratulated his friend and said because his constituency is a 'dairy farming area' it would be 'disloyal' to eat plant-based.

The Tweet read: "As North East Somerset is a dairy farming area I would feel disloyal going to a vegan restaurant but it is good to see William back in the public prints."

Rees-Mogg is 14/1 with some bookmakers to become the next Prime Minister of the UK.

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