Joe Biden says Let Dairy Die protestors are “doing what Trump does”

Democratic Presidential Candidate Joe Biden has criticized animal rights protestors at a rally in St. Louis.

The former Vice-President was faced with activists chanting “let dairy die” as he addressed supporters.

He compared them to the politics of current President Donald Trump.

Biden said:

“My wife got to meet some of the people at last rally. It is time for me to get back out and fight for the proposition that we hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men and women are Created Equal. We have our certain inalienable rights.
“We never fully lived up to that assertion. Never walked away like this president has.
“These guys are doing exactly what Trump does, so don’t pay attention to them. The days of Donald Trump’s division are certain to be over.”

Biden had previously been interrupted by animal rights protests, including during his speech on Super Tuesday during which they ran onto the stage.

He currently leads Bernie Sanders in the number of delegates he has, with one of the two men going on to face Trump in the November election.

Sanders has previously been interrupted by “let dairy die” protestors himself.

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