Journalist and former vegetarian says she will eat a chicken because vegans protested in Australia

A journalist says she is going to eat a “nice fat chicken schnitty” because animal rights activists protested in Australia.

Alex Carlton called for vegans to “shut up” and said that “self-righteous terrorism” is losing people for good.

In an opinion piece for NT News she said she stopped being a vegetarian because she realised how much of a “twit” she was.

Charlton said:

“I began eating meat again and almost immediately became a more tolerable person.
“At least I had the excuse of being a fanciful, ignorant kid. What excuse do the vegans at today’s protests, supposedly mature, fully-formed adults, who blocked people from getting to work in Melbourne’s CBD and attacked farms and abattoirs around Australia have for ramming their lifestyle choice down other people’s throats, and even more appallingly, destroying other people’s livelihoods while they do so?”

Then at the end of the piece, she says “in honour of every vegan still mutinously chained to a bollard in the middle of Flinders Street, I’m going to nip out to the shops and buy a nice fat chicken schnitty to eat with it.”

You can read it here: https://www.ntnews.com.au/lifestyle/food/shut-up-vegans-your-selfrighteous-terrorism-has-lost-us-for-good/news-story/1b131f642c268271ec84351a0b5461fe?fbclid=IwAR09rJhGpSV8bZGzjAOc62Ek1cKykPnuy3tXAdmumpbQGegZSdy_EvSXzeE

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