KFC team with Quorn to trial a vegan-friendly 'chicken' burger in the UK

KFC will officially trial a plant-based "chicken burger" in three cities in the U.K. this month.

The Imposter Burger will launch on 17th June in London, Bristol and in the Midlands.

They will be using a unique recipe created by meat alternative brand Quorn and will come with vegan-friendly mayo.

Speaking to The i Victoria Robertson, Senior Innovation Leader at KFC UK & Ireland, said:

"It took us a year, which is actually quite quick for a company of our size. We wanted to get it right, so there was a lot of testing.
"Quorn is usually vegetarian, not vegan, so they had to do something particular for us. It’s produced and then we add our secret seasoning at a separate site. We can’t have it there."

VGN reached out to Quorn on Twitter who confirmed the vegan option was on it's way.

They Tweeted:

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