Leeds Council announces “climate-friendly” school lunches part of plans to halve carbon emissions

A city council has unveiled plans to halve their carbon emissions by 2025.

Leeds City Council say plans include “climate-friendly” meals at over 180 schools in the area, according to Leeds Live, that includes vegan and vegetarian options.

Mother plans include purchasing electricity from renewable sources and doubling the council’s fleet of 95 electric vehicles.

The new proposals mean that Leeds City Council will reduce its greenhouse gas emissions from 70,000 to 31,000 tonnes over the next five years.

It follows a large consultation process with local residents which showed more than 97% of nearly 8,000 respondents believe that combating climate change and protecting biodiversity should be a priority in Leeds.

Councillor Judith Blake, Leader of Leeds City Council said:

“Tackling the climate emergency is one of the council’s key priorities and I am proud that this council is taking ambitious and necessary steps to make Leeds a more sustainable city and an even better place to live.
“However, we have always said that becoming a carbon neutral city won’t be possible without the support of the government.
“With additional powers and funding devolved from Westminster, the council and partners could radically improve the city’s housing stock and transport network to enable sustainable and inclusive economic growth.
“Of course, Leeds City Council will continue to do everything we can to fight the climate emergency but until the additional powers and funding we need are devolved by central government to a local level, this city’s ability to tackle climate change will continue to be severely hindered.”

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