Live animal testing at decade low for the UK, still 3 million tests taking places

Live animal testing across the United Kingdom is at a 10-year low, but over 3 million tests are still taking place.

Data from the Home Office, shows 3.52 million procedures took place in 2018, down 7% from the year before.

Over 90% of the procedures that took place were on mice, fish and rats.

According to Cruelty Free International, the UK is the seventh biggest tester on animals behind the USA, Japan, China, Australia, France and Canada.

Charity Animal Aid released a statement following the release of the figures last week.

Said Jessamy Korotoga, their Campaign Manager, said: 

"Year after year we are told the top-line figure of animals used in experiments, which hides a truly astounding amount of pain, suffering, distress, terror and death.
"We are talking about more than 3.4 million lives, many full of fear and pain, cut brutally short all because of a reliance on outdated science. 
"Animal Aid is calling on all of those involved in animal research to see the futility of this work and turn their hands to human-relevant, humane science instead.
"This would benefit not only human patients and their families, but millions of animals, too."

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