Livestock producer says plant-based is a ‘trend’, compares meat substitutes to ‘magic diet pill’

(Photo: Beyond Meat)

A livestock producer has written a column saying that plant-based diets are a trend and “fake meat”, like the Beyond Burger, to “magic diet pills.”

In the piece, for Real Agriculture, Lyndsey Smith expressed his belief that the livestock industry should be worried though.

He said:

“The way I see it, the fake-meat/meat substitute “burger” or “sausage” is akin to a magic diet pill. We want to change one small thing and fix all our problems, from being overweight, stressed and anxious, to being rather terrible to our planet. We don’t however, really want to make big, sweeping changes, because change is hard.
“Plant-based diets, or consuming less meat, is a trend, and, as a livestock producer myself, I’m not overly threatened by. Yes, really.
“I understand that someone who is ACTUALLY committed to their health and wellness and who is interested in food, food preparation, and valuing where their food comes from is likely someone who will choose to maintain a varied and diverse diet —  likely one that includes animal-based protein, even if it is less frequent.”

You can read the full piece here: https://amp-realagriculture-com.cdn.ampproject.org/c/s/amp.realagriculture.com/2019/05/im-a-livestock-producer-and-im-not-afraid-of-fake-meat/

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