London Council to ban meat from events as part of climate change pledge in "U.K. first"

A London council is set to ban meat from all of their events in a bid to help tackle climate change.

Enfield Council has already declared a Climate Emergency and plans to phase out meat by December.

It is claimed to be a first for a U.K. council.

A short statement in The Evening Standard said:

All events held by Enfield Council where catering is provided to offer only vegan or vegetarian options."

They have already voted to push for carbon neutrality from the Council by 2030, with 100,000 new trees set to be planted in the borough.

At the time, Enfield Council’s Leader, Cllr Nesil Caliskan, said:

"We are utterly committed to tackling the issues around climate change and the environment.
"The excellent campaigns led by organisations like Extinction Rebellion has brought attended to the desperate need for us all to redouble our efforts and make Enfield genuinely carbon neutral as soon as we possibly can.
“There is absolutely no doubt that climate change is one of the existential threats to life on earth and everyone needs to work collaboratively to find solutions that work."

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