Los Angeles proposals to ban horse racing fails, will be reconsidered

The Los Angeles Board of Animal Services failed to pass a motion to recommend the banning of horse racing across the city.

In an emotive hearing, both sides put forward speakers with discussions involving the health of the horses that take part in the "sport" and the job losses that could take place if it was outlawed.

Only three of the five board members were present for the vote, so Commissioner Roger Wolfson, who put forward the motion, suggested he would look to re-visit the issue in the future.

During the debate on the issue Wolfson said:

"The idea to me of being an animal rights activist means having compassion for all animals, not just domesticated animals, not just companion animals, not just wild animals.
"I simply believe that when horses are dying nearby, this many for this long, this painfully and this tragically, then we need to look at the situation carefully.
"I have questions about why in this day and age when animals cannot provide informed consent, that risking their safety and lives is still acceptable."

The motion was eventually voted down 2-1, with opposition groups stating that jobs would be lost.

Los Angeles doesn't have a race track but it is located near to Santa Anita racecourse where 30 horses have died since December 2018.

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