Macmillan Cancer Support will no longer promote “Meat Free March” campaign after farmer backlash

A British cancer charity will no longer “actively promote“ their Meat Free March campaign after backlash from the farming industry.

Macmillan Cancer posted on Twitter following a number of comments criticising the campaign, which encouraged people to ditch meat for the month of March.

One user said they were “done raising money” for the charity with another calling it a “stunt, trying to be fashionable.”

Macmillan posted this response:

“We know that our supporters want a variety of different ways to fundraise so we constantly try different events to help them.
“Unfortunately this event hasn’t had the level of interest we wanted so we will not actively promoting the event to our supporters from now on.
“I’m really sorry our event has put you off supporting us moving forwards.”

The Meat Free March website still exists, but it seems they won’t be promoting the campaign as much.

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