Map showing farms across England will cause farmers "concerns"

Photo: Google Maps

A farming website says a map showing the location of farms across England means farmers "will now have concerns" about trespassing.

The map was created by Projectcalf.com which also has a number of resources and encourages people to go vegan.

Their website says, "Project Calf is a lawful and peaceful animal rights campaign that is pushing for universal equality.

"Whilst we are a single issue campaign that solely focuses on the dairy industry, we are nevertheless involved in an ongoing struggle to fight for the rights of all; human and non-humans alike."

FarmingUK.com has raised concerns about the map saying, "Farmers will now have concerns that activists will use the map to track down private addresses and trespass on them."

It follows on from a similar map launched in Australia which mapped out farms in the country as well as greyhound racing tracks, circuses and slaughterhouses.

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