Marks and Spencer removed gelatin from their Percy Pigs and some people are not okay

Photo: Percy Pigs Facebook/M&S/GMB

Brexit, Trump, your favourite member of One Direction, people get divided about a lot of things, but the latest issue? A bag of sweets.

U.K. food and clothing giant Marks and Spencer recently changed the recipe to their Percy Pig sweets and some people aren't happy.

One person posted on the Marks and Spencer Facebook page saying:

"To change the recipe to a vegetarian only option is so not cool. They are NOT THE SAME!!! Not even nearly. Even my 5 year old was not fooled.
"We've tried the veggie option (in our own pursuit of eco friendliness) and quite quickly returned to the delicious silky squishiness of the much-loved gelatin based Percy Pig.
"So please, in the interest of the British nation... I beg you#BRINGBACKPERCY"

The story has made national news across the U.K. and was FRONT PAGE of The Sun newspaper.

Good Morning Britain presenter Piers Morgan, who hadn't actually eaten Percy Pigs before, was outraged.

He said: "Vegetarians and vegans should go an get their own sweets called Kale Nicies."

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