Martin Scorsese takes stand against CGI, supports animal agriculture through dietary choice

PHOTO: We continue to judge you Martin Scorsese

Hollywood Director Martin Scorsese has said he isn't a fan of using CGI to make actors look younger in films.

Scorsese says they have been using the editing technique for his film The Irishman, as some of the actors play younger versions of their characters.

But he told British director Joanna Hogg that it removes a lot of the expression from the eyes.

He may have come out publicly with his misgivings on this issue, but Scorsese has refused to reveal his views on animal agriculture.

Despite the industry abusing and killing animals and having a hugely negative impact on the climate crisis, the Silence director has remained very silent himself.

We think it is time he Departed from his meat eating ways, becomes a Goodfella and enters The Age of Innocence.

VGN launched our #VeganScorsese campaign earlier this year and despite growing pressure from the community, Scorsese hasn't even spoken in support of the Beyond Meat burger which everyone loves and recently went public.

To join in with our campaign use the hashtag #VeganScorsese on social media. In order to make a difference we need stars like Scorsese to make changes to their lifestyle.

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