McDonald's, Starbucks among companies without effective strategy for chicken welfare— report

McDonald's, Starbucks and Nando's are among the huge fast food companies that have been criticised in a new report looking at chicken welfare.

The Pecking Order 2018 is believed to be the first report of its kind calling out the world's nine biggest chains.

The World Animal Protection (WAP) research shows each of the companies were rated poor or very poor, with Domino's Inc and PLC given a "failing" rating.

The outlets were rated on three key areas:

The report concluded that none of the companies had an effectively-implemented strategic commitment to chicken welfare.

It also said chickens that supply the fast-food industry are farmed on a huge industrial scale with fast growth rates leading to lameness and immense pain and suffering in extreme close confinement, in enormous, featureless sheds containing tens of thousands of birds.

Jonty Whittleton, of WAP, told The Independent:

"There is no excuse for the pain, fear and stress that a factory farmed chicken feels for much of their life. Billions of chickens never get the chance to see sunlight, to grow at a natural rate or behave as they would do in the wild.
"These iconic companies must respond to growing consumer concerns over chicken cruelty."

The report was conducted during August 2018.

You can read the full report HERE.

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