Meat farmers being “bullied by metropolitan elite”—NFU President

The President of the National Farmers’ Union has hit out at the “metropolitan elite” for “bullying farmers” by focusing on the impact animal agriculture has on climate change.

In a series of Tweets, Minette Batters defended the industry following the decision by Goldsmiths University to ban beef from cafes at their London campus.

Batters said:

“Agriculture is the only industry that is both a source and a sink. So why can't everyone focus on the serious challenges like our clothing, technology, cars, holidays. Food waste?
“This is destroying lives. I will share & publish every inch of a net zero pilot but I won't stand by and watch farmers be bullied by a metropolitan elite that is too idle or too ignorant to face up to the fact that just focusing on meat eating alone doesn't tackle climate change.”

Goldsmiths banned the sale of beef which is responsible for around 41% of livestock greenhouse gas emissions.

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