Meghan Markle reveals veganism ‘too expensive’ for Royal Family

The Duchess of Sussex has revealed she ISN’T vegan because the Royal Family simply cannot afford it.

Despite costing tax payers £67 million last year, the Royals have to settle for eating meat and dairy products.

Veganism is often seen as expensive with things such as broccoli and rice now selling for thousands of dollars.

Now Meghan has revealed not only is she not on the diet, but she confirmed her family are all non-vegans too.

Meghan told Vogue magazine:

“Tofu, lentils, cabbage, it’s all so expensive when compared to caviar and oysters.
“We used to splash out but since Boris became Prime Minister and with the threat of a no deal Brexit we’ve had to cut back—even Charles and Camilla had to stay in the guest room when the main one was being re-done. Unheard of.”

VGN has contacted the press office of the Royal Family for comment.

Prince Phillip responded: “mmm bacon.”

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