Miyoko’s wins legal battle to use the term “butter” after California ruling

Plant-based dairy company Miyoko’s has confirmed they can now use the term “butter” on products following a legal battle.

Owner Miyoko Schinner received a letter from the Department of Food and Agriculture, saying the brand couldn’t use the term.

After taking the decision to court, the company will now officially be able to call their plant-based products butter.

In a post on Facebook they said:

Victory! Our use of the word "butter" has been deemed to merit First Amendment protection, according to the United States District Court Northern District of California, in their ruling on our Motion for Preliminary Injunction.
The ruling states that we can also use the terms "cruelty free" and "lactose free," although not "hormone free" or "Revolutionizing Dairy with Plants."
Yes, our vegan BUTTER is CRUELTY FREE. No cows are harmed in the making of the most delicious butter on the planet!
Thank you, Animal Legal Defense Fund, for fighting the good fight for us!

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