More than 13 million animals used for scientific purposes in Queensland

New Queensland Government research shows over 13 million animals were used for scientific reasons in the state between July 2017 and June 2018.

The study reports 12 million of the animals tested were poultry.

Nearly half a million "other native mammals" were tested, with fish and turtles among the other animals mentioned in the report.

Humane Research Australia chief executive Helen Marston told the Brisbane Times:

"Aside from the obvious cruelty to animals involved in using them as research tools, it's just not relevant to human medicine when you're taking data from one animal and using it to correlate to humans.
"There are so many alternatives that are more human and more species-specific that we really need to move on to those methods of research.
"I do acknowledge a lot of research is environmental research and for the animals."

The DAF Animal Ethics Committee annual report summary was published in December.

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