National Farmers’ Union complains to BBC over Veganville show

The National Farmers’ Union has written to the BBC over a show focused on veganism.

Veganville sees five people try and persuade people in a Welsh town to adopt a plant-based diet.

It airs online on BBC Three.

But the NFU in Wales says the show “acts as a promotional tool for a specific campaign.”

NFU Cymru President John Davies said:

“The Veganville series did, conversely, highlight once again that there is a huge amount of public support for red meat and dairy products so it is strange, therefore, that the BBC persists with this agenda of providing so much airtime to this issue.
“The truth of the matter is that red meat and dairy products have an integral role to play in a healthy, balanced diet and remain a staple part of many UK consumers’ dietary choices.
“NFU Cymru has submitted a letter of complaint to the commissioning editor of the programme at the BBC about the lack of balance in this piece.
“Once again, NFU Cymru is encouraging its members to submit an official complaint via the BBC website if they feel any of its programmes covering food and farming lack the balance that we would expect from our national broadcaster.”

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