National Farmers’ Union says they can become climate neutral with no plans to cut beef production

The National Farmers’ Union says they can become climate neutral by 2040 without cutting back on the production of beef.

The NFU believe they can achieve their goal by capturing carbon dioxide from the air and turn it into foods, fibres and fuels.

Minette Batters, the president of the NFU, told The Guardian:

“We are seeing far more extreme weather events and we are impacted more than anyone else because our offices are outside.
“Last year was a frightening year on our farm. Our spring barley died in front of us” because of a lack of water.
“We don’t plan to make any cuts. We think we can do it without changing levels of production.
“Everybody’s diet is up to individuals to choose, but there are other parts of the world that are hungry for high-quality meat.”

The report is available to read in full and is called Achieving Net Zero: Farming’s 2040 Goal.

It is a report that has been criticised by Friends of the Earth.

Campaigner Guy Shrubsole said:

“It seems the NFU is still not prepared to contemplate significant land use change in Britain, despite the CCC recommending this as being vital.”

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